Air Quality Monitoring and Control System

Advisor air quality monitoring and control system comprises the following units:

  • Temperature, Humidity, and differential pressure (THP) wireless sensor units
  • Wireless units supporting dual RS232 ports (each) for OEM non-viable particle counters
  • Actuator controls expanders
  • Ultra-miniature electric current sensors
  • RF-USB communication unit for computer connectivity
  • Computer application

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Also we offer thermal modeling services:

  • For residential buildings: we analyze the thermal and electric energy use to detect, propose and work with you on solutions for preventable overspending caused by heating and cooling systems deficiencies, undetected electric appliances defects, and structural thermal leaks.
  • For commercial buildings: we analyze the thermal map across open floors to detect, propose and work with you on solutions to correct unbalanced heating and cooling system.

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The application

The application connects to each and every sensor in the system via radio links and periodically collects sampled signal and actuates interfaces. Dropiom presents the following features and functionality:

  • Fully integrated temperature, humidity, differential pressure, and particle count readings.
  • Flexible installation/relocation/move system without any fixed wiring.
  • Highly reliable system that enables accurate and consistent data collection.
  • Integrated collection system enabling single screen view of operation status and values of all system units.
  • Multi-format reports including daily averages and detailed data in txt, csv, xls, and pdf (with Crystal ReportTM preset report included) and timestamp information for each sample record for additional analysis and user defined procedures.
  • Audio, SMS, and Email (upon LAN/Ethernet availability) alerts to designated accounts.
  • Graphs for all acquired data with interactive functions.
  • Scalable system to include integration with mechanic sensors (door contacts, machines operations/positions), electric current/energy probes to monitor part(s), total consumption of energy, optimization controls, and web publishing capabilities.

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THP Unit

Temperature, Relative Humidity, and Differential Pressure multi-probes units. Temperature in the range of -15 to 50 degree Celsius, humidity in the range of 10 to 90% RH, and differential pressure in the range -0.25inch H2O to +0.25inch H2O.


Dual-RS232 Wireless Unit

Half-Duplex dual RS232 ports that suport most common serial port enabled sensors such laser non-viable particle counters.


Actuator controls expander

Wireless expander with 32 analog and 16 digital channels. It itnerfaces with current sensors and digital I/O assemblies. Relative Humidity, and Differential Pressure multi-probes units.


Ultra-miniature electric current sensors

Up to 32-sensor harness rated for 0 to 30A currents. It measures and confirms the operation of multiple units.Relative Humidity, and Differential Pressure multi-probes units.


Isolated Digital Input/Outputs

Up to 16 digital configurable I/O channels assemblies. It interfaces with the HVAC and other equipment to control and adjust predefined system characteristics.



USB 2.0 interface to RF wireless for PC connectivity with the sensors.Relative Humidity, and Differential Pressure multi-probes units.


Software Application

Complete management of the system with visualization and reporting.