Advisor platform is a meshed wireless thermal and electric energy monitoring system that offers:

  • Benchmarks of energy consumption with others in state and nationwide. It situates energy consumption compared to other consumers.
  • Recommendations for savings on key use elements.
  • Analysis of building energy consumption over equally spaced periods of the day and draws conclusions as to the use patterns.
  • Usage report that breaks down electrical energy's usage at the area-level in order to pinpoint how the electric energy is consumed.
  • Snapshots and views of the highest energy consuming period during the monitoring cycle.
  • Consolidated data report that describes the background information collected and consolidated for the complex computations.
  • Resources and wealth of advice and references to help with energy conservation.

We offer complete development, customization, installation, configuration, and support.

How it works

The Advisor monitors the electric consumption at all electric circuit breakers points of the main distribution panel. It also collects the temperature readings of the ambient temperatures inside and outside the building. The collected data is processed for both thermal and electric utility usage in one comprehensive integrated report that consolidates the overall energy balance sheet of the building and accounts for the totality of the energy consumed (gained and lost). to show if servicing or replacing the HVAC system, kitchen and laundry appliances, light fixtures, and additional improvements will be beneficial, for what cost, and what savings could be expected. It also identifies the building's electric use, malfunctions, and potential defects for monitored areas such the HVAC/AC systems, appliances, and lights to offer solutions to prevent unnecessary electric utility expenses.

We offer the following products and or services for:


Advisor-M unit

Core unit* with on-board temperature sensor and PC client application that visualizes and downloads collected data.

For data logging and general control/automation use. It offers versatility and customization.


  • 32 analog 0-3V logging channels
  • 16 digital 0-3V logging channels
  • On-board temperature sensor, rechargeable battery with USB charger, real-time clock
  • USB access
  • 802.15 access
  • Real time and memory storage


  • Lowest cost per port on market
  • Smallest size per port on market
  • Largest set of features

Advisor-A1 unit

Scalable up to 32 current sensors assembly and PC client application that compiles power consumption and other analysis reports.

  • It confirms to the building owner the amount of costs savings from energy use patterns and points to faulty appliances
  • Serving the electric Utility company it is an immediate solution to SmartGrid connectivity


  • Extensive report of energy consumption and benchmark for every individual sub- circuit on electric main panel


  • The only and unique product with 32 current sensors on the market
  • The only and unique detailed sub-circuit analysis report on the market
  • The only and unique lowest cost retrofit solution on the market for full energy monitoring and SmartGrid connectivity

Advisor-A2 unit

Wireless temperature sensors and PC client application that compiles heat-transfer sophisticated analysis reports.

For the building owner it:

  • confirms the amount of energy savings from heat conservation, HVAC, and electricity use patterns
  • warns of HVAC unit deficiency and problems


  • HVAC unit operation health monitoring, efficiency, and service fit -
  • Structural heat insulation report


  • The unique product with comprehensive electric and temperature logging application
  • The single detailed comprehensive energy analysis report on the market