License fees

Single-user license is for the amount of $69.95. Multi-user license (2 or more) benefits of a 20% discount over the regular price. This discount will be credited on the invoice and will not show on the web order.

How to order

All orders are shipped on original CD ROM media via mail. Shipping is free of charge for regular mail. Other shipping methods are rated and added during the order process. When you click on Order Now button above, you will be connected to a secure web server where you are invited to enter the shipping address, and payment information.

Your exclusive package

The copy of the software that you receive has your exclusive Product Key that entitles you to receive support through additional service agreement sold separately. You will receive the invoice with your copy of the software with instruction on how to complete your payment.

Full Releases and Upgrades

Dropiom adopted a policy of delivering to its customer the most recent release at time of shipment. Customers are encouraged to check the release information on this site to keep their licensed copy current.

Privacy Policy

Please review our web eCommerce and privacy policies.