Shared focus on customer success is the key driver of Dropiom’s alliances strategy. We aim to work closely with our partners to deliver exceptional value to our common customers, whether it is through innovative solutions or business practices. Whatever the challenge, Dropiom and its strategic alliance partners will work as team to see every problem through to its solution and deliver tangible customer results, such as reduced costs and risks, as well as simplified product development.

Dropiom calls for alliances with a large variety of organizations, including:

Value Added Re-sellers

Dropiom works with value added re-sellers offering a full service approach to help customers reduce costs and risks as well as simplify new product development. In fact, within a particular country, or across horizontal and vertical markets, value added re-sellers deliver on all aspects of Dropiom’s solution, from marketing, communications and pre-sale activities, to implementation, training, advanced configuration and technical support.

Technology Partners

Dropiom joins forces with industry-leading, best-of-breed hardware and software solution providers to implement the highest quality integrated solutions that provide tangible added value for its clients, such as reduced costs and risks, as well as simplified product development.


University partners include Dropiom's solutions in their curriculum and research activities, which can lead to graduate projects or theses. Through the University Partnership Program, Dropiom benefits from technology transfer and the support of experienced researchers in the areas of product development and manufacturing solutions that provide customer with high quality product and services.

Dropiom proposes two levels of university partnerships: Strategic Alliance Programs and Individual Task Collaborations.

Strategic Alliance Collaborations

University-Dropiom cooperation engaged for long term research and development in large magnitude and multi-discipline complexity. The focus of the effort is leading to revolutionary advances in physical and engineering sciences and in mathematical and computer sciences, to the benefit of the university, researcher, and Dropiom’s industrial competitiveness.

Individual Task Collaborations

Individual award contracts to universities for short-term tasks of limited scope.

Industry-specific Organizations

Dropiom calls for partnership with industry analysts to share strategic market and product information about its development fields. Licenses are negotiated in good faith using industry standards in the field. Dropiom can be flexible in developing licensing terms that reflect the particular needs of different industry sectors. In essence, Dropiom seeks to develop long-term relationships with industry partners founded on new technology opportunities.