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Dropiom offers tailored training and coaching services in the following knowledge subjects:




Wireless: Physical Layer Measurement of Communications Signals - RF measurement for digital cellular and PCS, Mobile Telecommunication Overview & Principle, Radio Base Station Fundamentals, Signaling in Telecommunication (SS7, IS-41, MSC, CNI, MWI, PCS Messaging, IS-136.OAA/P), GPRS and EDGE Systems Operation and Technology

Video: Digital Television Theory and Measurement, Video Technology Basics, Video Network Standards, Video Network Architectures, Video Conversion and Compression, Video Assessment Techniques, Video Conferencing, MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 Video, Audio and Systems

TCP/IP: Local Area Networking, TCP/IP Architecture, Protocols & Network, Understanding Voice over IP

Transmission: Emerging Network Technologies, T1 Transmission Basics, ATM, SONET Technical Overview, S/DMS TransportNode, OC-12 & OC-48 Technical Overview

Circuit Design: system architecture and electronic design, digital signal processing




Project Management

Tools such MS Project, Primavera, Glider 2.3, and project management foundation on Efficient meeting, Time management, Quality management, Human resource management, Procurement management, Communication management, Risk management, Cost management, tools for Project Office support



Simulation and Website Support

Simul8, Call center design, Front Page, SQL, MOSS07, MS Web Master


Personal Skills

Time management, Finance for non-financial managers, Win/Win negotiation





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