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Dropiom offers multitude of support work tailored to your business needs such:


Resource Augmentation

Professional and responsive staffing support of your project, product, and service support. We can manage all aspects of augmenting the resources on your premises or on ours: identification of required skills, search, interview, background check, contractual agreements, and time management.





Full Project Management Administration

We take charge of the entire administrative functions of a project and establish the necessary processes and infrastructures and deliver results per your specifications and requirements.





Product Support

We offer integration support of our product portfolio including custom versions of Advisor, XPresison, and Glider.  We are dedicated to resolve any issue caused by malfunction or performance out of specifications to meet your expectations. 




Dropiom is dedicated to providing the highest level of maintenance and support services.




For more information on Dropiomís Support services, please contact us.


Dropiom LLC