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We offer energy auditing services to help you save more than 20% on your electric and gas utility bills:

  • For residential buildings: we analyze the thermal and electric energy use to detect, propose and work with you on solutions for preventable overspending caused by heating and cooling systems deficiencies, undetected electric appliances defects, and structural thermal leaks.  >> Read more...

  • For commercial buildings: we analyze the thermal map across open floors to detect,  propose and work with you on solutions to correct unbalanced heating and cooling system.  >> Read more...


We also offer full customization, integration, and new development based on our revolutionary Advisor system composed of ultra-compact data logger, communication application, and multiple sophisticated thermal computation models.  >> Read more...


In addition we provide technology development and consulting services including training and support. Please take a moment to browse to the subject of your interest and let us know how we can serve you.


For more information on Dropiomís Services, please contact us.


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