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Dropiom offers Advisor, XPression and Glider product lines and services:


The Advisor product is built for measurement, control, and reporting functions. With its numerous interfaces it captures electrical, mechanical, chemical, and thermal wired-signals or receives the signals via radio frequency channels, stores the data in internal memory, transmits the data via radio, and controls local and remote interfaces.

The product is exceptionally small in size and loaded with features providing highly flexible functions such full remote control operation and distributed processing. It easily integrates into multitude of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and thermodynamic systems and communicates over standard protocols.   >> Read more...

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Air Quality Monitoring Air Quality Monitoring HVAC
HVAC Control Electric Metering Power Metering & Collection
Thermal Models O&G Process
Oil & Gas Process Monitoring E-Shelf
Electronic Shelf Labeling System







The XPression future product suite is dedicated for short range wireless communication functions. A slim handheld device called Point In Network (or simply PIN) communicates with other PINs in vicinity and relates messages to increase the overall coverage area of the system. It holds in its internal non-volatile memory the user's settings thus it eliminates the needs for centralized repository and network infrastructure.

The webservice is very easy to use and will install the necessary drivers on the computer when needed. The technology can easily integrate into multitude of customer's systems and can communicate over standard protocols.

The product is exceptionally small in size and loaded with features providing a very high flexibility with USB retractable socket and low profile joystick. The packaging can be customized to accommodate different design and style preferences.


Glider 2.3 is an application for all project managers to pull the most off their schedules. It offers high level controls and powerful functions to make building and maintaining a schedule an easier and straightforward task.

Glider 2.3 interacts with your MS Project schedules offering higher level operations. It recommends a method and a style of operation that speeds (at user level) filtering, sorting, exporting, importing, etc. It works to improve the throughput of the schedule’s maintenance process.

Dropiom doesn't provide a license, distribute, or install in any form Microsoft Project. It is the responsibility of the user to acquire the necessary licenses to install and run Microsoft Project on the machine where Glider 2.3 is to be installed.



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