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Dropiom offers complete development service picking up from early concept phase or work package in the mist of execution to deliver a complete outcome and/or turn key solution to your guaranteed satisfaction. We recognize the diversity of our customers' needs and thus we adopt the following main processes for building our relationship with our customers:


Requirement Definition

Review the business, service, work, or product needs into a breakdown of deliverables and key success parameters or indicators.



Proof Of Concept

Carry out the proof of concept (technical feasibility of the requirement) as follows: Simulation and verification, workflow design, and Lab operation and test (if applicable)




Build to-scale units (if applicable) and run usability tests and evaluations




Prepare a study of the offering such product packaging, service bundling, and road map for features and additions to the product/services. Draft a quote and discuss it with the customer. Agree on time and delivery table along with the method of invoice/payment.




Major items to check for the production plan: Design breakdown, Elements and modules manufacturing, Assembly and final testing, Outsourcing rational, Logistics and flow control




For more information on Dropiomís Development services, please contact us.


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