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Reap the full benefits of technology with Dropiomís consulting services


Dropiom advises on technology development (such  industrial controls, embedded systems, and information technology) and business management (such project management and process management).

We are ready to assist your in developing a technology and business action plan, in line with both your today and tomorrow objectives. By providing a comprehensive set of tools and services solutions, we delivers tangible business results, such as a reduction in costs and risks, as well as a simplification of product and services development.

Our business style is practical and Agile based: we break complex projects into manageable pieces and focus on delivering value through multiple iteration throughout the life of the project and on achieving benefits quickly. Dropiomís consulting services ensure that the project is carried out effectively and efficiently, every step of the way.



For more information on Dropiomís Consulting services, please contact us.



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