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Our goal is to provide the highest quality of technology microcontroller-based products and services for automation, data acquisition, wireless controls, and energy modeling/auditing. We achieve that through our highly efficient solutions, top service, and competitive prices. 



 Advisor platform is a meshed wireless automation and control system that integrates into multitude of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and thermodynamic systems and presents very affordable controls solutions. We offer complete development, customization, installation, configuration, and support.



 XPression, a patent pending technology offers lower cost multichannel local wireless links.



 Glider 2.3 is a versatile MS Project add-on that delivers powerful functionality through a simple interface.  Without requiring the users to change platform Glider 2.3 works for them, and not vice versa to manage their large schedules and timelines.


Additional services

Our expertise extends to the design, development, and utilization of instruments, processes, and systems.



Dropiom LLC was founded in 2005 to provide innovative products and services in electrical, software, and mechanical technologies. Dropiom develops, manufactures, markets, and supports wireless controls systems.

We guarantee our dedication and the highest quality of service. This is our promise and we strive to achieve it.

Michel Ghosn

Technology & Business Program Manager



We proudly engineer, assemble, and support our complete product line in the United States.


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