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Numerous services are built off the XPression application's stack. Dropiom is continuously expanding the possibilities and developing business plans for additional innovative services. If your company is in one of the following groups:

  • telephone, switches and paging equipment manufacturer

  • security access equipment manufacturer

  • retail or service business with considerable number of users or customers on premises

most likely you will be interested in our business proposal. We offer full integration, customization, and adaptation to your business needs.



The application introduces a new product and technology to manage the wireless text messaging communication with a pool of users on local site. Because of its location-detection inherent capability the application provides multitude of services to 3rd party applications such Area Access Security. This application is the ultimate integration of the smart security badge and paging service. The application web interface is accessed by all users and depending on credential levels different functions are provided:

  • set individual information such screen name, email, website, work time shift, office location, vacation calendar,Ö

  • synchronize information with 3rd party applications such Outlook

  • configure shortcuts, speed-dials, and short text messages

  • create, delete and change users accounts

At anytime and anywhere on the coverage premises the users can easily initiate and receive text messages. The application doesnít use an infrastructure or complicated cabling setup and most importantly it eliminates the usual network operatorsí service fees.



The XPression product suite is dedicated for short range wireless communication functions. A slim handheld device called Point In Network (or simplyPIN) communicates with other PINs in vicinity and relates messages to increase the overall coverage area of the system.


It holds in its internal non-volatile memory the userís settings thus it eliminates the needs for centralized repository and network infrastructure. The webservice is very easy to use and it installs the necessary drivers on the computer automatically. The technology can easily integrate into multitude of customerís systems and can communicate over standard protocols.

The product is exceptionally small in size and loaded with features providing a very high flexibility with USB retractable socket and low profile joystick. The packaging can be customized to accommodate different design and style preferences.












  • Low-power ISM band radio (2400.0 - 2483.5 MHz) operates 802.15.4/ZigBee, SimpliciTI, or any custom protocol.

  • USB-A retractable-socket communication port 8M Flash memory and 256K RAM memory

  • TI microcontroller with 4K RAM, 32K flash

  • Real-Time clock

  • 136x32 graphical LCD display controllable backlight

  • Ceramic buzzer and LED

  • 5-position joystick and Reset button

  • Integrated temperature sensor

  • Battery operated (3V) with option of NiMH battery or Li-ion. Deep-sleep mode capability to extend battery life

  • Integrated USB-interface battery charger with 2 LEDs indicators

  • 6 GPIO independently programmable (A/D Ė I/O). Optional 32 A-I with programmable continuous sampling or peak detection and 16 D-IO individually programmable

  • Hardware 64 x 31 x 11 mm [2.5 x 1.2 x 0.4 in].

  • Standard enclosure 70 x 51 x 20 mm [2.7 x 2 x 0.8 in] ABS plastic (white, grey, black).



For more information on Dropiomís XPression program, please contact us.

* U.S. Patent pending


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