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Do you know that an unbalanced heating or cooling system could drain 5 to 15% of the energy bill?

And an uneven temperature plan is the main cause for discomfort and reduced employees efficiency


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Overheating and overcooling are the results of unbalanced air circulation, wrong thermostats location, and or defective system that wastes thousands of dollar every year. An uniform temperature plan confirms an optimized heating and cooling system with the most efficient operation cost.

We can help stabilize the system by surveying the temperature plan, identifying the outliers zones, and supporting remediation.

It used to be difficult, expensive, and cumbersome exercise to collect synchronously the temperature's data at multiple points over a large space in conjunction with the HVAC operation.

Not anymore!



The graphic above shows 21 thousand square feet of office space with 18 collection points that are represented as dots with X and Y coordinates measured in feet from let top corner of the application's display screen. The data recorded over couple of days and presented with 3 color levels and 8 points root (dependency points).

report is the ultimate solution!

It locates -in space and time, the temperature's unbalances and correlates with the HVAC system operation such airflow and power.

By knowing the causes of the problem, the Facility personnel and the the HVAC service provider can efficiently work together to remediate and attain a balanced system that uses just the right amount of energy evenly distributed over the floor space. Resulting in savings would stretch beyond 15% of total energy cost!



We offer our services in multitude of options and packages to fit all building sizes and energy consumption, all for very affordable prices:
Thermal Survey  

This survey collect the temperature data at defined positions over a period of time. The data is presented in a model similar to the graph above that helps pinpoint the uneven zones and the costs associated with the problems.  It evaluates the cost of the balanced system and project savings. Clients applying guidelines could reach 10% savings on their energy bills. It takes typically 24 hours to complete one full audit cycle during which the premises' temperature is continuously recorded at one or more physical point called "zone".

Electric energy Survey  

This survey identifies the building's electric use for lights, equipments, and HVAC systems. The report highlight the main consuming elements to help clients rearranging and or rescheduling the use to make most benefit of the electric utility rates and discard unnecessary usage. Savings varies and in some cases could top 20% of the total energy cost. The service uses specialized equipment to monitor over a typical period of 24hours the premises' electric consumption at all electric circuit breakers points of the distribution panels. The collected data is processed to show the actual electric energy usage in time and if possible improvements will be beneficial, for what cost, and what savings could be expected.

Comprehensive Thermal and Electric Survey  

This survey delivers both thermal and electric utility use surveys in one comprehensive report that correlates the temperature plan with the actual operation of the HAVC system to enable full analysis of the unbalances. The analysis will show if adjusting the heating and cooling system will be beneficial, for what cost, and what savings could be expected.

Survey Service: Zones / Circuits Basic Unit Cycle (24h) Each Add. Unit Cycle Full 7-Day Cycle 4-Season Package  

The Full 7-Day Cycle survey offers enhanced accuracy compared to the basic unit cycle and builds better analysis over a relatively longer period.

The 4-Season Package offers a full 7-Day cycle survey service 4 times a year typically during each of the seasons. This captures the usage profile and builds thermal characteristics in different weather conditions. The advantage of this package is the opportunity to continuously verify the savings after the gradual implementation of the chosen improvements.

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Electric 16 $79.99 $24.00 $151.98 $227.97  
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Combined Thermal & Electric 2 / 32 $124.78 $37.43 $237.08 $355.62  
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